Refund Policy

  1. Please note that digital licenses can only be refunded if this is requested via email to [email protected] within 2 days of the purchase.
  2. No Licenses will be refunded after this period.
  3. Software compatibility is entirely a responsibility of the customer to check as we are the license seller, all software is provided by Microsoft and copyright of that company.
  4. Refunds will not be provided for compatibility issues.
  5. The only case in which a valid and working license can be refunded is in case of a duplicated order, not any other.
  6. Defective key-codes will be replaced or refunded depending on customer’s choice.
  7. Defective codes can only be proven by the company only with an output from rocketsinghestore.com does not take responsibility for any underlying local issues with the computer that could prevent the normal functioning of any software.

No Refund in the below cases:  

  1. Buyer placed the wrong order without reading the complete product description and the product key is already being delivered through email.
  2. Buyer failed to download the software file due to a poor internet connection.
  3. Buyer failed to download & install the software due to lack of technical knowledge.
  4. Buyers have only 2-days from the date of purchase to inform us regarding product key activation failure, after 2-Days from the date of purchase no new product key will be issued in any circumstances.